Gerard Depardieu sighted in Edinburgh shock!

GD pic 4

It does always brighten up one’s morning, whilst stuck on the top deck of a number 33 bus, to view the various types of people trying to make a sneaky exit from The Balmoral hotel. They can be seen slipping into a chauffeur-driven limousine, looking like they don’t have two ha’pennies to rub together, usually with some rough trade in tow, embarrassed as busloads of the Proletariat give them big stares! Actually – I swear I saw Gerard Depardieu leaving there yesterday – but he’s in Moldova, isn’t he? Come to think of it, this person was probably half the size of GD and it may have been a woman, if so – ouch!GD pic 3

Later in the day, at the self check-out at Sainsburys Murrayfield, I noticed a commotion at the neighbouring till: two goth-metal rockers – all flowing hair, black leather and 14-hole-DMs – struggling with the scanner. What was their purchase? Two monster bottles of Lambrini!! I later saw them sharing it out with their mates waiting on the bench outside. Rock and roll, guys!!!

Day ended with seeing the new portrait of the Duchess of Cambridge – which I presume is all part of an effort to cheer up the nation? It’s hilarious – making her look like she’s finally been subsumed into the Royal Family as described by David Icke. Those eyes have a definite reptilian look!

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