Here’s the original version of Human Resourcing taken  from my sister blog: Little Tales from the Office. It’s especially for anyone who has had to work in one. Hope you enjoy it!

Little Tales from the Office

The early morning sun streamed through the floor-to-ceiling windows of J B Cantilever’s staff gym. The fit looking man in his early fifties with a look of Morrissey or Stanley Baker about him, working out on chest flyes machine, looked over at the young man in his mid-twenties who was working out on the bench press. The older man eyed up the younger for a few minutes, before calling over to him.
“Excuse me, hope you don’t mind my saying, but if you keep your legs open when you’re doing the bench press there is less strain on your lower back.”
“Oh, right, thanks.”
The older man paused before continuing.
“You’re new, aren’t you? What department are you?”
“Accounts Receivable.”
“Oh you mean the ‘skanks are us’ section, don’t you? All the attractions of the housing scheme brought to an office near you. At least they take it in turns…

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