Mantel and Marr: rock ‘n’ roll!!

ImageI see David Cameron has trotted into the ‘does Kate Middleton have a personality’ debate started by Hilary Mantel. Maybe he was in sympathy or just deflecting from his own big slice of criticism dished up by another great British cultural icon – the sainted Johnny Marr – who reminded Mr C on Radio 4 this morning that he really has no right to ever have called himself a Smiths fan. The way I see it, the people getting criticised (Cameron and Middleton) are over-privileged show-room dummies programmed to make the right noises/expressions in order to win public popularity. And the reason that popularity is so important is that it keeps the old order going – the Royal Family, the Tory party. Thank God for the people doing the criticising – Mantel and Marr (has a ring to it, don’t you think? Better get well soon, Morrissey or your place in the much-lauded Smiths reunion just may be taken…) who are actually talented, intelligent,  genuine and have earned the right to say whatever they damn-well please!

Poor Kate, you may say, leave her alone. Well, she knew what the job was when she signed up… Plus I’m glad that Ms Mantel addressed the thorny subject of our future Queen’s weight – or lack of it. Here’s a woman who – hardly a hippo when she first arrived on the scene – has bowed to pressure to become stick-thin – in the main to appear as human hanger for British fashion – hardly a great role model, eh? That was probably the most depressing thing around the time of the royal nuptials – it gave silly little girls a new focus, ditching their ‘porn star in the making’ for ‘princess in the making’ T-shirts. Depressing, eh?

So all hail Mantel and Marr. Please continue to be a thorn in the side of the establishment – we’re counting on you!Mantel

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