Nice To Be Nice…

ImageWe were warned that blizzards would be hitting the east coast of Scotland and sure enough yesterday morning Edinburgh awoke, covered in a snow blanket. A typical day you would say to just stay in bed contemplating how to conquer the world – a bit of ‘me’ time, you know? But a piece of heartening early-morning news heard on the radio gave me the impetus to throw the covers off and trudge into work – the usual grey estates having an ethereal, almost Narnia like beauty. OK, that’s maybe going a bit far… so what was the news?

Finally – finally – the EU ban on testing cosmetics on animals has become law. Hurrah! At last! And it kind of begs the question if you can produce safe, cruelty-free products – why on earth would you do it any other way? What kind of Cruella de Ville type character thinks that’s a good idea? Truth is a lot of these companies are locked into doing it the way they’ve always done it and it’s immensely depressing that using animals can be cheaper than the humane methods. It’s estimated that 80% of cosmetics produced worldwide will still be required to have had animal testing done at some stage – China still insists on this and their market is huge – so the battle continues. Check out the BUAV link for further details.

Funnily enough Ricky Gervais features on their site and in keeping with the ‘be nice’ theme – I don’t know if you’ve been watching ‘Derek’ on Channel 4 which went from ‘watching through fingers’ to ‘I think I may something in my eye’ to ‘excuse my full-on blubbing’. OK, it was maudling and emotionally manipulative in extremis but the little acid drops – usually voiced by Karl Pilkington’s character – made it worth going back for more. Probably the best line was expressed by scuzz-bucket Kevin when he said that the best shortcut you can take in life is to be nice. Not always the most obvious route – or the easiest – but certainly the quickest. So well done Ricky Gervais – I will be tuning in again – but please ditch the Coldplay – I don’t mind my emotions being put through the wringer but not to a soundtrack of vapid whining and plinky keyboards. Dammit – I was trying to be nice – see how difficult it is?

p.s. RG really missed a trick by using the original ‘Fix You’ in the last episode of Derek when there’s a more fitting,  supremely moving – and far superior, in my opinion – version by the Young@Heart ‘senior vocal group’. Check it out!


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