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J’accuse! – The Joker and Monkey Man

ImageSome old war criminals just don’t have the good grace to lie down, do they? Here we are on the 10th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq and the main architect – Tony ‘The Joker’ Blair opens his trap to spout off about how to make the world a better place… presumably by bombing the hell out of it. On the face of it he’s talking about Syria but we all know Tony better than that. So it’s not long before he’s bringing it back to Iraq and asking – nay, demanding – vindication for his actions. Ah, Tony, you haven’t changed – have you? And while we may have had the tiniest, most miniscule, grain of sympathy if he actually appeared to show a similar measure of remorse… he never does – his war mongering rhetoric is still wrapped up in that disgusting evangelical zeal. Or maybe if it appeared that the ghosts of the murdered haunted him and made him wander Lady Macbeth-like, trying to scrub the blood from his hands – not a chance!. There he is, cool as you like – still talking in that way that seems to reprimand us for not sharing in his bloody vision.

I actually saw the other half of the ‘partnership of evil’ – George Bush Jnr – and what he’s doing these days – on a Channel 4 news report. Apparently he spends his days ambling along, doing charitable work in the community and taking on dog portrait commissions. You couldn’t make it up.

So where should old war criminals go if they’re lucky enough to escape the victors’ noose or bullet? Which is less distasteful – disappearing from the public eye and making like it never happened – or continuing to plug away, using every new conflict as some kind of redemptive comparison? Either way it still feels like salt being rubbed into the wounds. But while we shouldn’t forget Blair and Bush, today is the day for remembering the thousands who have died – and the many more scarred and wounded – because of what these two started.Image


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