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Vive la meme chose!

ImageHow ironic that I chose to end my last post – all about hatred, intolerance and distrust of people ‘not like ourselves’ – with the French phrase: Vive la difference! Because what happened the very next day in the land – and in particular the city – of Jean Genet and where Oscar Wilde fled from homophobic persecution? Ridiculous scenes playing out with the worst examples of knuckle-dragging, drool-dribbling, Jurassic-Park-like creatures seen since – well – last week at Thatcher’s funeral… Protests about same-sex marriage? Get with it, guys! I know, I know the majority of French people are up to speed with such modern day concepts… but you have to do something about those dinosaurs… comprenez?


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2 thoughts on “Vive la meme chose!

  1. Well, their parliament has voted overwhelmingly in favour, so, well, they are! Hooray. And- it will not be long in Scotland and England.

  2. Yep, Cameron and Salmond are good for something!

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