Eurovision or Chucklevision?

ImageWhen it comes to the UK in Europe there are two inevitable scenarios which loom like the Brandenburg Gate over reunification. One – that Tory leaders will meet their Waterloo over the EU and two – that ‘Team GB’ (whoever that may be) will languish at the bottom of the Eurovision voting board. Quelle horreur! Well, plus ca change, really.

Do we think Dave Cam can survive the political year? Can Bonnie actually bring back the trophy? Will they hook up for a duet ? ‘Believe In Me’ could have been written for Dave’s current situation… much better than his probably preferred ‘Heaven knows I’m miserable now’…

So Dave – here’s my advice to you – on Saturday night crack open the Chateau Lafite, put your feet up and just accept your (and GB’s) destiny.

Nb: For us non-governing plebs who can afford to stage an Aldi rioja and cheesy Wotsits party in front of the telly on a Thursday night – check out the second instalment of the Eurovision semi-finals on BBC 3 tonight. Talking of which – well done for the uber-camp-but-sincere-and-intelligent-at-the-same-time pairing of Scott Mills and Ana Matronic. Go girl(s)!

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