Reasons to be Cheerful…

ImageTwo events on Thursday made me celebrate for most of Friday in the glorious one day of spring we’re probably going to get. Firstly – watching the second semi-final of Eurovision which was completely and undeniably back on safe uber-camp territory after the nervy, thou-shalt-not-speak-thy-love’s-name, Stasi-type atmosphere of last year’s host – Azerbaijan. There was same-sex kissing (Finland) and a gay Count Dracula singing falsetto as he loomed above the stage (Romania). Marvellous!! Fear not, if you missed this – both got through to tonight’s final.

I was so busy luxuriating in the warmth of complete gaydom that I was unaware of what was going on just down the road here in Edinburgh. Nigel Farage getting barricaded in a Royal Mile pub – perfect! Did he think he could bring his nasty brand of Little-Englander type nonsense to Scotland and not expect a bit of a scrap? If you read my blog regularly you’ll know that I’m no Scottish Nationalist so it was a bit iffy that they organised it – but, hey – whatever.. When I’m having a few drinkies tonight in front of the telly I’ll raise a glass to the folk outside the Canons Gait pub the other day. And as for the winner of Eurovision? It has to be Romania… but only if they could involve Nigel dragged up as a sacrificial virgin as part of the performance. I can see it now…

ps: My friend Commercial Malcolm has suggested that Greece’s entry is a tribute to Scotland – ‘Alcohol is Free’ sung by a bunch of men in skirts! I’m not sure…  You can check out his ‘tribute’ to Nigel Farage below.

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