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Dead familiar?


ImageWell, there you go. C’est fini – for now. Did you stick with it for the full eight weeks? Was it a grand passion or rather un amour fou? And are you going to let the Returned back into your life next year? Personally speaking – not a chance! As a committed commitment phobe (well, as far as TV drama series are concerned) I looked on The Returned as a casual dalliance over a mere eight weeks. A kind of holiday romance if you like with an impossibly cool French person whose ready sensuality sets your head spinning for the first couple of weeks but by the huitieme semaine they are about as appealing as a Gauloise stubbed out in a mouldy piece of Roquefort. They kind of made out it was all going to be resolved within the eight weeks, didn’t they? Not for them the law of diminishing returns by dragging it out over series after series and the inevitable boxed set. Pah! Some chance! Maybe I’m in the minority here but when The Returned meet up again in the woods/sunken village/hilltop refuge I won’t be there even if they send the moody Simon or spooky little Victor to get me!

Do or Di(e)!

ImageChannel 4 is doing a special (shameless head-start as the world’s press turns its attention to all things team Royal GB… ?) tonight on the auction of Lady/Princess Diana’s dresses. Now however you feel about the woman – overprivileged clotheshorse or martyr-heroine who changed the British royal family for ever – her legacy endures. I’m no royalist and can remember from the time veering towards the cynical when it came to Di’s love/hate relationship with the media, especially her last great performance post-mortem (OK, that wasn’t down to her). But… the whole myth and the woman herself must have got under my skin somehow because she informed my first book – The Rachel Redemption. I know Di fans weren’t too sure about the character at first but soon bought into the whole idea of the resurrection of a feisty woman who stlll had work to do. Thanks to everyone who bought the book and for your comments as well. Oh, and thanks Di – for the inspiration.

By the way – apologies for not posting for the best part of a month but I had to descend into that deep dark recess of the world known as estate agency for a while. Never mind – it’s actually provided a lot of inspiration for my next book which is set in Edinburgh. Keep checking my blog for updates. What has kept me going these past weeks tho has been reading a brilliant new blog by mon amour. It’s full of pithy, concise and punk attitude and is called The Edinburgh Enlightenment. Check it out:

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