Do or Di(e)!

ImageChannel 4 is doing a special (shameless head-start as the world’s press turns its attention to all things team Royal GB… ?) tonight on the auction of Lady/Princess Diana’s dresses. Now however you feel about the woman – overprivileged clotheshorse or martyr-heroine who changed the British royal family for ever – her legacy endures. I’m no royalist and can remember from the time veering towards the cynical when it came to Di’s love/hate relationship with the media, especially her last great performance post-mortem (OK, that wasn’t down to her). But… the whole myth and the woman herself must have got under my skin somehow because she informed my first book – The Rachel Redemption. I know Di fans weren’t too sure about the character at first but soon bought into the whole idea of the resurrection of a feisty woman who stlll had work to do. Thanks to everyone who bought the book and for your comments as well. Oh, and thanks Di – for the inspiration.

By the way – apologies for not posting for the best part of a month but I had to descend into that deep dark recess of the world known as estate agency for a while. Never mind – it’s actually provided a lot of inspiration for my next book which is set in Edinburgh. Keep checking my blog for updates. What has kept me going these past weeks tho has been reading a brilliant new blog by mon amour. It’s full of pithy, concise and punk attitude and is called The Edinburgh Enlightenment. Check it out:

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