Search for the Hero…


ImageIf you’re looking forward to Kick-Ass 2 and have your own personal fantasy of unleashing the (super)hero inside yourself by dishing out summary justice to the bad guys – everyone from local council officials to child murderers – you will have no doubt thought long and hard about the associated ethics or maybe just the practicalities of making your own costume or how to effectively beat someone up. The destruction/reconstruction of the superhero model is hardly new any more. Superheroes growing old and dealing with all the associated problems in Watchmen; superheroes confused and disturbed by their powers in Heroes; superheroes with no actual super powers in Kick-Ass. If you empathise with the whole aching weltschmerz thing coupled with a crippling inability to do anything about the individual murders, rapes and attacks seen on the news you will have been drawn to the DIY aspect of Kick-Ass. However being a major motion picture release the big guns – quite literally – had to be brought in to power things up. But if you’re interested in the whole ordinary human being as would-be superhero with all the heart-rending, messy and ridiculous situations that brings you should check out the film Super – on Film 4 tonight at 11:40. Rainn Wilson (the American Office) as an eternal loser who dons the lycra to right personal wrongs will tear your heart out; Ellen Page (Juno) is perfect as his comic-book-geek sidekick. There are marvellous sucker-punch scenes which are all the more shocking as the characters are all too real and vulnerable. It’s an astonishing film – give it a try.


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