Daft Old Bag!

ImageNow before Oprah chastises me for being racist, ageist, sexist with my title – I am, of course, referring to the ridiculously priced piece of leather that is the object of her desire rather than the ridiculous old bat herself! Honestly what is it with subjugated and discriminated against groups of people that they want to take on the mantle of their oppressors? Women getting shit-faced and behaving like dicks, Israelis persecuting the Palestinians? But out of all these anomalies the one I can’t get my head around is the ‘I’ve been poor and put down for most of my life – what’s going to make me feel better?’ Some astronomically-priced piece of tat that’s only going to serve to rub the noses of the still-economically-disadvantaged in it? The inalienable right to swan around a designer showroom whilst having the obsequious assistants lick your feet? Newsflash – they probably don’t want to be there and their only perk along with ‘borrowing’ the merchandise is being able to mess with the over-privileged fossils that frequent their stores. Also sad to see Bonnie Grier being wheeled out of the BBC cupboard labelled black, older women feminist comment. Also sadder to hear her refer to ‘dodgy-looking’, young white women being able to ‘sail through’ designer shops. Really, Bonnie, really? One final thought – why did the whole Oprah/bag thing take so long to hit the news-stands? Is it really taking that long for the Oprah machine to spin into action these days?

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