I Really Must Talk About Kevin…

At this late stage of the Fringe I would have thought that my must see list would be closed – but happy to say I’ve been proved wrong. Went along to Joke Thieves (Espionage, 10pm) the other night and the definite stand-out of the stand-ups was Kevin Dewsbury. So… went along to see his full show Out Now and had a tremendous time. Now in the vast sea of comedians on the Fringe (free and otherwise) originality is going to be a issue. There are blokey blokes aplenty and more than a bit of gay/camp humour. Kevin’s USP is that he’s a ‘blokey gay’. Along with that he is also very, very funny with a hugely engaging personality. From his easy banter with the audience when setting up his show (no prima donnas here!) to keeping us all entertained over an hour that just flew by. One-liners, camped-up versions of well known songs (‘Going Homo Down at the Gay Disco’ to the tune of ‘Going Loco in Acapulco’ still has me smiling) as well as hilarious – and at times poignant – tales of coming out. There’s such a lot to like about Kevin – and you don’t have to be gay or a bloke – see for yourself by catching him at The White Horse at 6pm tonight or tomorrow.

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