Fifty Shades of Green (for envy)


Robert Pattinson – the ideal Mr Grey according to E L James?

Interesting to see the casting for the inevitable big screen version of the astonishingly popular bonk-buster Fifty Shades of Grey. Comments of ‘who?’ and ‘what the… ?’ destined to be just as inevitable. It is thought that the ‘avoiding-like-the-plague’ by ‘big-name-stars’ of this particular project is not so much to do with the ‘challenging’ subject matter but rather that the taint of a turkey is hard to shift from one’s cv. It does put one in mind of the whole Da Vinci Code debacle. Book hugely hyped and therefore hugely popular – any film version would just have to be on a hiding to nothing. Or just maybe on the big screen there ain’t no hiding place for the numerous literary and plot flaws. Now, I don’t come to bury FSOG – there’s plenty lining up to do that already and the scent of sour grapes is never that nice. And whilst sales of my own The Rachel Redemption are ticking over quite nicely I can’t claim – just yet – that Hollywood is contacting me re my thoughts on casting. Shame, as I have it all figured out already. (Check it out on my sister blog dedicated to the whole subject.) That’s the beauty of fantasy casting – you can have whoever you want. The casting of my central – Princess Diana-inspired – character was difficult but I don’t think I would ever have chosen Naomi Watts!

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