Don’t Let the Scumbags Win…

ImageIt seems to be a universal truth that scum have a feral need to have someone to look down upon in order that they can feel superior. I cite the Nazis in Germany, Golden Dawn in Greece, bullies in countless housing estates or communities when someone different comes into their midst. The latter situation being the perfect hothousing that led to the vile murder of Bijan Ebrahimi – an Iranian refugee whose only crime it would appear was to look and sound different and take a pride in his surroundings. Terrible, eh? What he should have done was live on smack and pot noodles, in his own filth, watching Jeremy Kyle all day – then maybe he could have fitted in. As it was he was decent as well as different and your average scumbag isn’t going to stand for that. I’m ashamed to say it but when things like this happen my knee-jerk reaction is give the piece of scum a taste of his own medicine but then that’s how we got here in the first place isn’t it… ? It’s difficult.

If you need any cinematic help to make sense of it all – don’t wallow in the endless vigilante fantasies that are as old as cinema itself but check out the film Fury from 1936 directed by Fritz Lang and starring Spencer Tracy. There’s no gore but its dispassionate and horrifying depiction of vigilantism will stay with you for a long time.

But for now – be like Bijan’s family and act with dignity,  don’t get dragged into a rancid world of blame and vengeance. Make it: Bijan – R.I.P. and not scumbag – rot in hell…   however tempting that may be…

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