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Strictly Talent

StrictlyCongratulations to Abbey Clancy on winning Strictly and thank god that good sense prevailed and the best dancer won – well, one of the two best and the other one certainly wasn’t Susanna Reid.  She was the bookies’ favourite and her popularity was a classic example of BBC nepotism mixed with a large measure of the Brits loving an underdog . When certain BBC news readers and other ‘nation treasure’ types (if ever a term was overused… ) do things like Strictly I’m always reminded of the analogy of a dog walking on its hind legs: it doesn’t matter if it’s done well – the marvel is that it’s done at all.  OK – that’s my second dog reference – I promise I’ll stop now.

Seriously – it’s marvellous that women of a certain age who are normally beaten with the mumsy stick are given the chance to ‘not be invisible’ (fast becoming another well-worn phrase… ). However it’s a dance competition at the end of the day and letting somebody win through sympathy is patronising in the extreme.

I love Strictly – from  Brucie‘s ancient cheesy routines to the endless gay innuendo – basically like a pantomime with high production values. And I think the whole subtext of the East-European-supreme-machine (we will do the job better and on time… ) dominating proceedings  is fascinating. Is it time for a backlash though? Was it just coincidence that the ‘Kevin from Grimsby‘ pairing with Susanna Reid did so well? A Daily Mail wet dream coupling if ever there was one… ‘come on you plucky little triers – you may not be the best but at least you’re British’. And don’t even get me started on the incidents of possible racism in the voting but again that’s the British public for you…

So with the whole Daily Mail/Mumsnet/BBC Breakfast support behind Susanna Reid it’s even more of an achievement for Abbey Clancy – so well done again. A final thought – the Mail and the other Sundays of that ilk are probably quite relieved with the result as they didn’t have to make Susanna and Nigella compete for a cover story. I think that would have just been too much for them!

Nigella Lawson – the drugs laws don’t work

Couldn’t have put it better myself.

Drugs, Cupcakes, Privilege and Class – whose team are you on?

Nigella LPoor old Nigella – being accused of being a wacked out cokehead who can’t function without a team of – maybe not so – dedicated helpers. Oh, I’m sorry – what point was she trying to make again? After all, it’s no big deal at the end of the day, is it? The whole chattering class-North London media-set floats on a wave of the white stuff. The difference with the middle classes taking drugs, of course, is the presence of a comfortable safety net of money, privilege and friends in high places. Cut to those young girls in Rochdale who can’t boast any of those things.

So ruined lives and written off as pieces of white trash verses a possibly damaged US charm offensive – I know who deserves my sympathy more.

Bring Me The Head of Frankie Boyle… ?

MandelaF BoyleWhat a man – what an inspiration. A man of staggering global influence – universally loved – but remaining humble and dignified in word and deed.

No, I’m not talking about Frankie Boyle – who made a Tourettes-type-tweet (is there any other kind… ?) soon after the death of Nelson Mandela was announced. It was a simple, schoolboy pun: ‘Nelson Mandeada’. OK, not Frankie’s best line (the rules of twitter are pretty limiting… ) and probably in dubious taste but it’s the reaction of supposedly sensitive and caring people that’s truly shocking. I believe burning at the stake, having his tweeting fingers chopped off, locking him in a cell for 27 years with the Krankies and John Barrowman were some of the suggestions given (I may have made the last one up… ) Not sure if they’re fully understanding Nelson Mandela’s teachings of forgiveness and dignity there…

So lighten up – those people! Crowds are gathering in South Africa to sing, dance and generally celebrate the life of the great man – are those same knee-jerk-reaction tweeters going to tut-tut and say that’s in bad taste as they squeeze out clueless tears? Frankie Boyle can be a dick sometimes but he’s very funny and very intelligent and I’ll wager he knows and understands a whole lot more about world politics than those calling for his head. Most importantly he knows how to prick the pomposity of a nation and as blanket media coverage of this – admittedly momentous – event slips into overkill and regional news readers start reading out random tribute-tweets to the detriment of domestic news, and Bono gets wheeled out for the umpteenth time – we need guys like Frankie more than ever.

Rebecca’s Diary, 5th Dec

So many news stories to comment on, so much wonderful advice to share… and I should be concentrating on getting my new book out…

So I’m relying on my main girl – Rebecca, who has stepped out of the pages of The Rachel Redemption – to share her thoughts on all things topical. Check out her views on the whole Nigella thing.

The Rachel Redemption

I saw Nigella Lawson going into that much publicised trial yesterday. As expected the media had a lot to say about her appearance – stern, military-like dress, suggesting she is ready to do battle. I don’t want to sound like a bitch – I’d leave that kind of thing to Rachel – but I think the stern look is more to do with ‘work done’ than just her inner turmoil showing through. Fair play to her – she wanted to crack the US market and as we know the worst crime for a woman in the public eye over there is to look old. Maybe that’s not entirely fair to the US though as our image obsessed world is getting smaller and smaller and fitting very neatly into our own backyard  – there’s no escape from the pressure to look good, be relevant, don’t upset the applecart. No wonder Rachel…

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