Rebecca’s Diary, 5th Dec

So many news stories to comment on, so much wonderful advice to share… and I should be concentrating on getting my new book out…

So I’m relying on my main girl – Rebecca, who has stepped out of the pages of The Rachel Redemption – to share her thoughts on all things topical. Check out her views on the whole Nigella thing.

The Rachel Redemption

I saw Nigella Lawson going into that much publicised trial yesterday. As expected the media had a lot to say about her appearance – stern, military-like dress, suggesting she is ready to do battle. I don’t want to sound like a bitch – I’d leave that kind of thing to Rachel – but I think the stern look is more to do with ‘work done’ than just her inner turmoil showing through. Fair play to her – she wanted to crack the US market and as we know the worst crime for a woman in the public eye over there is to look old. Maybe that’s not entirely fair to the US though as our image obsessed world is getting smaller and smaller and fitting very neatly into our own backyard  – there’s no escape from the pressure to look good, be relevant, don’t upset the applecart. No wonder Rachel…

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