Bring Me The Head of Frankie Boyle… ?

MandelaF BoyleWhat a man – what an inspiration. A man of staggering global influence – universally loved – but remaining humble and dignified in word and deed.

No, I’m not talking about Frankie Boyle – who made a Tourettes-type-tweet (is there any other kind… ?) soon after the death of Nelson Mandela was announced. It was a simple, schoolboy pun: ‘Nelson Mandeada’. OK, not Frankie’s best line (the rules of twitter are pretty limiting… ) and probably in dubious taste but it’s the reaction of supposedly sensitive and caring people that’s truly shocking. I believe burning at the stake, having his tweeting fingers chopped off, locking him in a cell for 27 years with the Krankies and John Barrowman were some of the suggestions given (I may have made the last one up… ) Not sure if they’re fully understanding Nelson Mandela’s teachings of forgiveness and dignity there…

So lighten up – those people! Crowds are gathering in South Africa to sing, dance and generally celebrate the life of the great man – are those same knee-jerk-reaction tweeters going to tut-tut and say that’s in bad taste as they squeeze out clueless tears? Frankie Boyle can be a dick sometimes but he’s very funny and very intelligent and I’ll wager he knows and understands a whole lot more about world politics than those calling for his head. Most importantly he knows how to prick the pomposity of a nation and as blanket media coverage of this – admittedly momentous – event slips into overkill and regional news readers start reading out random tribute-tweets to the detriment of domestic news, and Bono gets wheeled out for the umpteenth time – we need guys like Frankie more than ever.

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