Oh, shut up!

ImageI know I’m meant to be getting on with my book and I’ve had to resist doing my blog for a while – although there’s been loads in the news to comment on. However… when that Old Etonian blubber boy gets up on his hind legs and sticks his oar in (an interesting image… ) to the Scottish Independence debate you have to wonder why the Better Together campaign can’t arrange to have him kidnapped, bound and gagged until September is over! Even better, the campaign should track down a elderly lady who appeared on the BBC teatime news a few weeks ago as a vox pop on the debate and commented in a lovely Lancashire accent – ‘Why do you want to leave? Better just to stay… ‘  It was like she was inviting everyone of us in Scotland into her front room for a cup of steaming hot tea, a nice scone and a cosy chat – not to berate us – but just to ask why… ? Why indeed.

What I’ve picked up on at street level is most people in Scotland just wish is was all over and agree that the whole farce is merely a very expensive vanity exercise for the would-be-King Alex. Nothing’s a done deal though – so I guess we have to be careful not to call it until the ballot closes on September 18th. In the meantime – tell the Home Counties Tories to keep a cork in it and if anything has to be said let our friends in the north (of England) do it. Plus here are a couple of apt tracks.

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