Perche Roma?

Why indeed? As I start my fifth full day in Rome I realise that’s probably four days and a good few hours more than a lot of tourists / holidaymakers spend here. But – shock, gasp – I still have another 23 days to go. So – almost a month more than your average tourist / holidaymaker. So why am I here for that length of time – when there is no ‘reason’ as in work, study, family? Well, I don’t know if you’ve come to that general time of life when you are struck by the whole meaningless mess of it all… things that used to make you happy no longer have that same resonance, a simple trip or a few days in a new city might have served in the past to recharge your batteries and made everything right again – all that stuff just doesn’t seem to work anymore. So do you go somewhere new or go somewhere you’ve been before and loved and try for that ‘authentic’ experience? So – deep breath and fingers crossed – I’ve gone for the latter. Will keep you updated with all the tears, trials and  tribulations (hopefully some happy times as well!) Stay posted!



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