Two Jocks in Pigneto

Well, one Jock and one Jockette trying to put as much distance between themselves and the endless Independence debate trundling on  back in Jockland – for at least a while. So what better place to hide out for a few weeks than the marvelously happening and creative Roman suburb of Pigneto. Prettier and with much more of a village feel than the neighbouring university-centric San Lorenzo; and much, much more authentic than the Notting-Hill-like-stop-on-the-tourist-trail that is Trastevere. Yeah! cafe has already become our second home in Rome – reliable wi-fi, charming staff, a staggering range of refreshments from super healthy veg juices to less healthy super measures of Talisker via tea, coffee and all manner of sweet and savoury tarts served up unbegrudgingly whether it be 7am or 2am – yes, you read it right – which means that surly ‘the coffee machine’s been turned aff, it’s after 8pm’ attitude is going to piss me off even more when I get home. Yeah!’s main thing is their devoted presentation of a constant and eclectic soundtrack – The Stones Sympathy for the Devil is playing as I type but we’ve already had Beady Eye, Jimi Hendrix and David Essex (!) this afternoon. And I had my mind well and truly blown when Peter Cook’s Bedazzled emanated from their speakers the other day – I thought I was back in my front room!

Pigneto may be a little village size but there are numerous cafes, bars and clubs which will just have to be visited before the end of April. Watch out Pigento – the Jocks are in town!!

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