The Girl with the Edinburgh Tattoo

Enjoy yourself – it's later than you think!

A Hero For These Times…

Edinburied Cover 3-1Let me introduce you to Fraser – former Bros lookalike from Stornoway who came to Edinburgh hoping the elegant Georgian streets would be paved with gold.  But now – fourteen years later – all he has to show is a collection of broken dreams and wasted opportunities but maybe his luck will change in 2014…   After all Fraser’s got a lot going for him – he’s tough, he’s savvy, he’s highly desirable.  Both sides of the Scottish Independence debate would love him as a poster boy – if only he could decide whose side to be on…

Yes – the wait will soon be over as Edinburied hits the ebook-stands in the coming weeks. It’s a wild and highly topical Edinburgh-set tale of murder, sex, politics… and the Referendum. I’ll be posting extracts on a new, dedicated blog – so look out for that .

In the meantime – if you’re in Edinburgh over the next few days and fancy exhibiting your out and proud credentials in public – get yourself along to one (or all!) of the Pride Scotia events. See you there!


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