Two lovely men and a few myths…

Very enjoyable hour spent in the company of Samuel Warner and John Pendal (Men & Myths, @ Cowgatehead 2 , 17.00 until 24th Aug). Both guys are hugely likeable with Jack chatting to the audience as they arrive and even handing out packets of Haribo. It’s Jack who opens the show with general observations which slip into the slightly surreal. It’s fast-paced with the emphasis on wordplay and references to 80/90s culture (‘Do you know B A Baracus is the only member of the A-Team not to have a degree?’). In the second half John takes to the stage with a laid-back and quietly confident style. Lots of gay references with John – being the perfect host – checking we’re OK with certain things before he starts. His USP is that he’s a ‘bear’ with a tendency to dress like a lesbian, and there’s also quality material about being a bit of a neat-freak and borderline OCD. Highly professional show with both guys keeping the energy up even in the face of the dreaded afternoon slot. Also their attention to detail (neatly printed signs on the door) and their lovely hospitality is a welcome blast of fresh air in the sometimes mingin’ atmosphere of The Fringe. Recommended.

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