Review for 16 August

There was me trying to give up sweet things but I was tempted into CC Blooms yesterday for at naughty-but-nice tea-time treat of Cupcake, with a side-order of Jack and loads of glitter. To explain – Cupcake and Jack are McGinn Presents: Songs for Glitter Fetishists and they describe themselves intriguingly as ‘an acoustic drag queen extravaganza’, and while that’s technically true they should also put in their blurb that they provide fifty minutes of solid-gold entertainment with camp humour aplenty and an audience-feel-good-factor turned up to eleven. Cupcake provides the glamour and the voice – and what a voice! For all of you used to ‘musical’ drag acts from the 80s with their liberal use of lip-synching, prepare to have your leg-warmers blown off! From a blazing falsetto opener of Prince‘s ‘Kiss’ to a marvellously butch Kate Bush with so many other good things along the way, including a priceless interlude where Elvis morphs into Cher and back again – this guy proves he can sing and then some. Meanwhile Jack plays the straight man role and the guitar to perfection with deadpan asides and staggeringly faithful recreations of poptastic hits from the 60s up to the present day. The audience are frequently called upon to lend support with kazoo playing and general sing-a-long stuff but don’t worry, you won’t be picked on – unless you’re a bald gentlemen of a certain age, that is. But in all honesty, the guys who were chosen to become the bewigged ‘Dreamgirls’ back-up looked happier than George Michael sitting in a trucker’s passenger seat by the end of it all. The show comes with a warning: ‘painfully frivolous amounts of glitter used at every performance’. They should also warn that anyone attending is going to be seriously entertained and have a huge happy grin on their face for hours after. If you think you can stand this much fun get yourself (and your friends – the more, the merrier) along to CC Blooms before 24th Aug. (Not the 18th, also there may be extra shows at other venues)

p.s. Cupcake wins outright my award for ‘most unusual receptacle for receiving monetary donations’… I’m not telling, get along and see for yourselves!

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