Punny Guys

How to follow Wil Hodgson’s – mainly serious – spoken word piece on capital punishment? How about one hour of seriously groan-worthy puns and one-liners courtesy of Atella the Pun? Delightfully old-school cheese with the audience gleefully feeding the pun-tastic human juke/joke-box which takes the form(s) of Darren Walsh (nice boy with a cheeky twinkle) and Leo Kearse (rude boy who not so much went near the knuckle but had a good old dirty and frequent fumble with it). It was well attended on the day I went with a wide-age-range crowd and – such is the family-friendly atmosphere of The Three Sisters at this time of year – one woman attempted to come in with a baby in a pram. Just as well she couldn’t find a space as that kid could grow up with some pretty skewed ideas on how to approach the English language! Happily though – the ruder aspects would have gone over its head – pretty much like the experience of the hard-of-hearing older members sat in front of us. All in all highly recommended if you’re in the market for some undemanding, old-style humour that’s so corny The Jolly Green Giant must surely be looking for royalties! The Free Sisters, 13.15 until 24th Aug

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