Selling Scotland by the Pound/Euro/Groat…

Salmond 2Let’s forget about the currency debate for a while – well those riding on a wave of nationalistic nirvana don’t seem to think that’s very important after all… Let’s imagine what a country desperately ‘open for business’ would bring. How can we make a few bob when the economy goes down the drain? Here’s the solution – sell off chunks of our country with no thought to the residents. And don’t worry about the government because ‘King’ Alex Salmond will drop his drawers and let an American billionaire do what he’s already been doing metaphorically to the land and the residents up in Aberdeen.

If you want to know the full story go and see Anthony Baxter’s A Dangerous Game which is a brilliant and chilling follow-up to You’ve Been Trumped. Then ask yourself why King Alex wouldn’t be interviewed for the film.


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