Style and Substance

G OsborneSo was Ed Balls right or wrong to mention George Osborne‘s hair during their heated joust in the Commons yesterday? If you ask me it was a case of being jea-LOUS as old Ballsup’s own image looks in serious need of a makeover – with the shredded wheat hair and Mr Blobby girth – he puts me in mind of that early Channel 4 curio Murun Buchstansangur (not familiar? check out the link below). Compare that with Osborne’s Kray-twin crop which when first unveiled – along with the voice coaching – edged him from effete posh-boy to hard man playing hardball.

Should it matter what our politicians look like? Is it not all a bit shallow? A reflection of our current image and celebrity obsessed society? Not a bit of it! From ancient Rome to the Kennedy dynasty, image – particularly the physical – has always been hugely important. Get in wrong, and you’re toast – remember Michael Foot and his donkey-jacket? But thankfully if you’re totally ridiculous, no amount of airbrushing is going to help – thank you, Sarah Palin.

Nearer home, I see it didn’t take Nicola Sturgeon long, after getting the keys to Bute House, to ditch the boxy pastel suits and instead adopt classic Mary Queen of Scots black. That – along with better make-up and hair – makes her look more like a serious stateswoman and less of a wee nippy sweetie. The transformation has been swift and subtle. Well done!

A final thought – and bit of advice to Cameron and Miliband – if you want to boost your image before the election, consider the Arthur Daley/dodgy used-car salesman look. Well, it seems to have worked for Nigel Farage

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