Happy Bah-humbug-hogmanay!

Hogmanay‘What are you doing tonight – for Hogmanay? Are you celebrating with Cath?’

Fraser smiled. ‘Easy seen you haven’t lived in Edinburgh for very long. When you’ve been here a few years you find it’s a case of just trying to get through the whole sorry farce with as little involvement as possible. Same goes for the Festival and all that crap!’

Patrick threw his head back and gave a throaty laugh which filled the small, sparsely furnished room. ‘You Scots are so funny. So cynical. You do not want to get involved with things that are on your doorstep.’ (Edinburied)

How true! The vast majority of people crowding into Edinburgh city centre tomorrow night will not be Edinburgh residents. We prefer to huddle up on the settee with our bottle(s), watching Only An Excuse and commenting on Jackie Bird‘s appearance. However I am due to break with tradition and head into town to be convivial with Italian friends. I’m sure their enthusiasm and love of life will be truly infectious but – to be on the safe side – I’ll probably bail out early and head back home. Well – Jackie does need the viewing figures!

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