Niamh Marron – Stand up Chameleon

2015NIAMHMA_2AThe Staff Room at the Three/Free Sisters has to be the smallest if not sweatiest venue going so it’s inevitable that any performance is going to be up close and personal. And when the performer is Niamh Marron you know that things are going to get very personal indeed. From disguising crotch itch as playing air guitar to getting some dildo action going on your hot new boyfriend Niamh’s set is crude, rude but very, very funny. Plus with her Mrs Doyle voice and angelic looks it’s very hard to take offence.
It’s not all one note though as it’s tempered with tales of auditioning for Britain’s Got Talent, appearing on the Irish version of Take Me Out, dealing with the bitchy aftermath and almost becoming homeless. It’s a mark of Niamh’s talent and sheer effervescence however that she never slips into maudlin mode and keeps the energy going.
The 4pm time slot perhaps isn’t the best but if you’re up for the craic and maybe get a good drink inside of you first you’ll have a great time.

(review for 6 Aug)

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