Return of the Danish Bagpipe Comedian

claus_reissThe Fringe is HUGE and awash with guys who all start to merge into one after the first couple of days so a USP has become the Holy Grail of the month-long comedy bubble. Get that and you can get the punters in through the door. So as USPs go being a Danish bagpiper who does comedy is pretty much up there. Claus Reiss is the owner of all these credentials and he weaves (or should that be pipes?) together a neat little show perfect for a lunch-time slot.

Tall, charming – with a touch of gaucheness – and dressed in the full kilt kit-out he does requests (well, sort of), games, a bagpipe lesson and friendly interaction with the audience. The comedy is easy-going too with a slight lapse into deep-fried-confectionery territory but I’ll forgive him for that.

All good family entertainment but even if you don’t have a family you should get yourself along. And – even if you’re not Scottish – you’ll love the inevitable, rousing rendition of Scotland The Brave. Gaun yersel!!

(review for 7 Aug show)

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