We May Have To Choose

2015WEMAYHA_O3You can be forgiven for thinking the Free Fringe is all about comedy. It predominately is of course but if you manage to push past the loud offers of pant-wettingly-funny good times you can seek out some quiet little gems of theatre and spoken word. A lovely example this year being We May Have To Choose written and performed by Emma Hall. First of all I have to apologise as I actually saw Emma’s show on the first day (6 Aug) but am only getting around to reviewing it now – blame that needy little brat called comedy monopolising my time. Also I do so want to write something that will convince you to go and see the show – it’s that good.

Emma starts in silence – holding up cards Bob Dylan style to politely tell us that she will be giving us her opinions and we are to stay quiet. What follows are a series of one line statements about everything from war and race to how often to clean the bathroom and what is the best way to make toast. With her soft Australian accent and her beautifully expressive face and bodily movements, which are by turns fluid and starkly angular when lit by a single desk lamp, she draws us into a world where we become susceptible to everything she says. Opinions become facts and facts become opinions. At one point she asks us to indicate what we think in relation to five of her statements – it’s at that point you realise you’ve become strangely unsure of what you actually believe.

Nuanced, intelligent and laced with dark humour it’s a beautiful piece. Go see.


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