Mickey D – Good Bloke

2015MICKEYD_J4It’s very reassuring when things do what they say on the tin or rather what they promise on the flyer. Mickey D’s describes him as a good bloke offering family friendly fun – he is and he does. He’s such a good – and nice – bloke that he practically acts as childminder for the relieved families who have searched for the right kind of 3F show. The day I was there he weaved his routine around a ten-year-old from California and a twelve-year-old from Perth (the Scottish one). Some nice interplay with the boys about aspirations and just what level of expletive he can use in front of them. The rest of the audience aren’t forgotten though as Mickey regularly asks us if we’re having a good time. He needn’t worry – we are.

Mickey’s from Australia originally and is now based in Birmingham. He also has an uncanny ear for accents so you can count on him to wring out the comic potential from those two parts of the world, particularly in his routine about the impenetrable quality of the Brummie accent which is double-up funny. He also does a more-than-passable Scottish and is that confident that he even specifies Fife. He uses this effectively in his main set-piece which is the tale of his toughest gig ever.

In what is fast becoming a Free Fringe catchphrase for me – why isn’t this guy more famous/on the telly? Particularly in Mickey’s case when he mentions the names of his former contemporaries on the comedy circuit – Ross Noble and Russell Brand – whatever happened to them? he mused. Luck? Good management? I wonder. It can’t just be down to talent as Micky has that in spades. He indicated that he can be a filthy MF if the situation demands but in best Max Miller tradition he can do family friendly as well. He even sent us away happy with a selection of bird impressions ( a much neglected area of comedy I find) which includes a ‘contemplative crow’. If you want that explained get along and see Mickey D for yourself – you won’t be disappointed.


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