David Mills – Don’t Get Any Ideas

2015DAVIDMI_4QWhen David Mills rolls into town the competition should just roll over in its bed of unwanted flyers and forget about it. But actually – there’s no competition. There’s nobody doing his unique brand of super-cool, politically-aware lounge lizard with a whole lot of evangelical preacher thrown in.

David is like your bitchiest and sharpest best friend as he doles out ‘helpful’ lifestyle advice on getting through days of crushing boredom (why don’t you just kill yourself… ?) But the real barbs are kept for when he casts his net over the world of celebrity and politics. Benedict Cumberbatch gets it tight (‘who knew Sherlock Holmes was a burns victim ?’) as does Ed Miliband (‘good that people with learning difficulties should want to be Prime Minister’).

Other prey that wanders into the Mills gun-sights includes past best-of-The-Fringe winners, gay cruises and just how boring and uncreative the gay world (and possibly the world in general) is now. I’m sure when he shouts ‘Shut that door’ a couple of times it’s a subtle homage to a time we may now mock but should acknowledge fostered creativity and individuality.

David this time around is appearing at the Voodoo Rooms. While not Caesar’s Palace the venue is still a considerable improvement from the Hives hovels he’s had to endure in the past. And with cool jazzy musical support from guitarist Laurence Owen he also gets to show off his cabaret chops throughout the set. From the storming opener of ‘Am I Black Enough For Ya?’ to a goose-bump inducing finale of Hole’s ‘Celebrity Skin’.

Peerless, fearless and consistently producing comic gold David Mills is an essential part of the Fringe experience.


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