Ivor Dembina – Old Jewish Jokes

id_ivor_dembina_142I know even at this early stage of the Fringe that I won’t be able to fit in everything I want to see so as in past years I have to make the decision to cross off my list people I’ve seen before. There are a handful of acts however I can never miss out and Ivor Dembina is one of them.

The show’s title will give you a good idea of the content but Ivor is too much of a pro to come on like a wind-up joke machine. He starts off by confiding to us that when he started out in comedy he wanted to be all edgy and alternative but his old dad gave him the advice to ‘Tell ’em the old jokes, son’. It’s a recurring theme/catchphrase along with the schtick about doing a benefit gig for the local synagogue. The rabbi gives him a list of topics such as sex, money, politics which he can’t talk about – of course in the telling we get to hear the jokes. Some are new – some not so new – but everyone a gem.

The jokes are only half the story though with Ivor’s sheer artistry and precision timing making an hour in his company fly by. Along with that – the rhythms, the catchphrases and the beautiful interplay with the audience make this a comedy masterclass.

Shamblers, ramblers, experimenters and those just starting out in comedy – get along to Ivor’s show and perhaps take your notebook with you.


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