Erich McElroy’s Imperfect Guide to Picking the Perfect President

2015ERICHMC_UBI like political comedy but I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. US politics has a bit more of a universal appeal though. Maybe it’s the dumbing down of the political message and the jaw-droppingly awful gaffs and infomercials that can get us non-Americans chuckling and feeling superior. That, along with there not being much in the way of political comedy this year on the Free Fringe means that Erich McElroy is onto a winner. It also helps that he has put together some cracking material, has great timing and has a very likeable and engaging personality.

Erich starts out by telling us he’s lived in Britain for the last fifteen years and does an effective routine about his young son pestering him for a balloon from the UKIP stand during the election campaign and the fact that he just happens to support Chelsea makes Erich fear he may have bred a racist.

Next Erich helpfully illustrates where the two US parties fit on a diagram of left and right UK political parties – with both being worrying to the right. And while Power Point and multi-media in general seems to be gratuitously in just about every other Free Fringe show Erich has a good reason for using it and he uses it expertly. So we get to see some of the aforementioned gaffs and infomercials which are both hilarious and chilling.

Funny, informative and very entertaining – the hour flew by. Whether you’re interested in US politics or not you should let Erich be your very far from imperfect guide.

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