Late With Lance!

LanceIt was a rainy grey Edinburgh afternoon and I wasn’t expecting to find my big glittery highlight of the Fringe so far… but I’m so glad I ‘took a chance with Lance’! I was thinking Bonnie Langford meets Alan Partridge with a large measure of Glee thrown in… I wasn’t far wrong but there was so much more…

Lance is a bit of a deluded man-child who manages to cope with past traumas – like witnessing his mother being strangled by her own feather boa mid-performance and alienation from his two gay dads – by putting them in a big sparkly bin and living his life in the eternal sunshine of an MGM musical. There’s a touch of Tennessee Williams there but also a lot of Dorothy and Gypsy Rose Lee and just about every classic character from the musicals who smiles and sings through their tears and believes that the show must always go on. Lance’s big problem however is that he’s never had the chance to get out on that stage – or ice rink – and show people what he’s got.

That’s the biggest laugh – that Lance (or rather Peter Michael Marino) has no talent. The guy has it in trailer-loads! And energy? You know the old joke about the showbiz performer who does an hour long set when they open the fridge door and the light goes on? That pretty much sums up Lance/Peter. Only instead of a kitchen think dingy room on a grey Edinburgh afternoon although I have to say our surroundings were magically transformed by Lance’s stardust (well, some charmingly home-crafted stage props).

Along with the back story the main premise is that Lance will fulfill a dream by hosting his own chat show but when his star guests don’t turn up a couple of audience members take their places. Now – frigid-Fringe-goers don’t be put off as Lance doesn’t make (too much) fun and the conversation soon turns back to his favourite subjects – himself and his celebrity idols.

The show is packed with so many good things from a very witty summing up of how to get noticed on the Fringe (say you’ve survived addiction, abuse etc) to The Sound of Music performed in five minutes. The whole back story thing is so well crafted as well with Lance even handing out his resume at the start. Like Lance the music and the comedy are unstoppable but what is perhaps the greatest joy of the show is its lovely big irrepressible heart. The end of the show distills just about every Broadway/Hollywood final moment of optimistic magic – I won’t describe it, you’ll just have to go and see…

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