Scenes of a Sensual Nature – Jo Romero

2015JOROMER_ATWI knew I was in for a treat when I saw that two of my favourite comedians David Mills and Gary Colman were going to be involved. I had also heard of the impeccable comedy credentials of Mick Ferry and James Dowdeswell. Jo Romero I wasn’t so familiar with but I certainly am now – and I think I can speak for the whole audience on that one!

As you can probably guess from the title the show is a series of vignettes exploring love, sex and the whole damn thing. Jo appears in every scene playing four characters in total. In the four different scenarios – the first (Happy Endings?) opens, closes and reappears in the middle. It’s probably the most attention-grabbing of the collection with Jo playing an Armenian sex-worker to Mick Ferry’s shy, Northern everyman customer. Appearing in less-than-flattering semi-bondage gear Jo presents a character whose body is bent and broken with years of disappointment. It’s a wonderful piece of physical acting.

Other characters played by Jo are – a born again Christian seeking revenge for earlier rejection; an Aussie swinger persuading her bullied husband to make a tantric sex tape and a Southern belle lush in a scene which is pretty much lifted from Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

The male support is very able – even if none of them will be causing the Academy Awards panel any sleepless nights… The star however is Jo Romero. Slipping in and out of accents and characters with astounding ease – this woman is a mega-talent.

Nice – and very rare – to get a piece of theatre on the Free Fringe especially when it’s of this quality. Funny, poignant and massively entertaining – get yourself along for a lunch-time treat.

Review for 10 Aug

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