Twayna Mayne – Underwhelmed

twayna_mayneI caught Twayna Mayne‘s show Underwhelmed the other day. Very impressed. Maybe ‘show’ is the wrong word as that suggests jazz hands and bursting into song. Twayna is most definitely not like that as her delivery is very low key and measured. Also her material deals with the mundane and crushingly boring aspects of life – hence the title.

The material itself is very effective and well observed. From frustration at being a wages slave and the banality of office etiquette to dealing with family politics it’s stuff we can all relate to. Male or female. Black or white. A bit more niche however is Twayna’s recollections of being in the Girl Guides and thinking she looked like a little tree trunk in the uniform. One of the very few colour references Twayna makes. It’s an indication of her impressive talent that she doesn’t need to exploit her two main USPs – being female and being black.

In the Fringe where the look-at-me always gets taken to more desperate levels how refreshing to find an assured young voice that’s not trying to shock, shout or beat you into submission. Definitely one to look out for.

Review for 13 Aug

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