Pundamental Christian – Richard Wright

Great title – if not entirely accurate. There are precious few puns and Richard Wright isn’t a fundamentalist. He is however a christian and a member of (or soldier in?) the Salvation Army. He seemed pleasantly surprised at the reasonable turnout on the day I was there (it’s one of the few non-kids shows with a morning start  – 11am).

Pleasant is a good way to describe Richard. As for his physical appearance he helpfully throws into the mix past observations that he ‘looks like a fat Stewart Lee‘. ‘But Stewart Lee is the fat Stewart Lee!’ he exclaims. Cue (later on) an impression of Mr Lee giving his take on Jesus. These bits – which book-end the show – are probably the most effective along with the routines about nerdy, desperate-to-get-a-girlfriend stuff like buying the most niche comic book in the shop in order to impress the girl behind the counter. It’s a shame though that the middle bit of the show – where Richard concentrates on particular characters from particular parts of the bible – is less effective and personally speaking lost me a bit.

Eager and enthusiastic – as you would expect someone from the Sally Army to be – Richard puts a lot into his show which is a bit like Sunday School for grown-ups (more for the cultural references rather than anything rude).

Review for 11 Aug


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