Rosie Wilby – The Science of Sex

2015ROSIEWI_ANXSex sells – there’s no doubt about that. And even just talking about it is still going to attract a reasonable crowd. As it was with The Science of Sex, as a predominately female audience crammed themselves into the dark confines of Sneaky Pete’s on a sunny Sunday afternoon. No live action promised or expected then (the Fringe doesn’t really do much of that these days) so no surprise with the gender base as we know that women respond more to the cerebral than the visual.

What we get is Rosie Wilby – a very likeable host complete with white coat and charts. But if you’re expecting Masters of Sex type revelations you may be disappointed as it’s not as technical as the journals or as explicit as the TV series. Rosie drops into the conversation that she’s a lesbian and quotes the statistic that as a group they get the least amount of sex. This is something that Rosie repeats – with a sigh – quite a few times and as she refers to a relationship break-up you may be forgiven for thinking this is performance as therapy. There are stats and findings aplenty but it never gets bogged down with Rosie always keeping it lighthearted. Particularly good fun is the playing of a bad sex/good sex playlist.

I think the conclusion of a survey would say – not an indecent (in any) way to spend forty-five or so minutes.

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