Puppet Fiction

I knew I was going to like Puppet Fiction. I’m a fan of Team America and I think Adam and Joe‘s best work was when they got their doll collection to re-enact films like Fight Club. Basically I like when dolls and puppets do bad things in a framework of cultural references. I guess I’m not on my own judging by the healthy audience the shows have been getting.

2015PUPPETF_LHThe premise is simple – Pulp Fiction with the main characters played by some cracking marionette doubles. The action is performed to a backdrop of a TV screen with static room scenes and some clever footage taken Edinburgh locations (using scenes from the actual film probably would have been a copyright issue too far). The original dialogue is used as a base but it’s not long before the improvising and riffing begins as strings get tangled and puppet body parts go astray. The three strong troupe from New Zealand are very talented and as well as coping with the strings provide very impressive voice doubles. Their Christopher Walken is worth going for on its own.

There are three different shows – I saw The Watch – to check out on different days. If I didn’t have so many other shows to cram in I’d definitely go and see the other two. One tiny criticism though if you’re not sitting in the front row it’s pretty difficult to see what’s going on – so get there early and bag a good seat.


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