Rory McSwiggan Wants Nothing to Do With Himself

2015SELFARM_1URory McSwiggan comes with good comedy credentials – gay, middle-class catholic from Northern Ireland. Nice big tick on my to-see list then. He doesn’t want to talk about these things in his show though. Maybe I should have read that disclaimer before I went along the other night instead of just going on his personal profile. As a result I thought I had walked into the wrong show.

We had the expected niceties of ‘where are you from?’ etc… – usually done with a selection of the audience – but Rory actually covered us all. True, it was a smallish gathering but it did start to feel a bit like a work training day – but less structured. After the introductions it was established that some people watched Game of Thrones and others didn’t. Cue a song – there is an accompanying guitarist on stage – inspired by Game of Thrones. It was then time to throw things open and get other suggestions for songs. More people wandered in and the roll call was taken again but as their suggestion wasn’t that inspiring they didn’t get a song. Some people managed to sneak out at this point which did provide a bit of a laugh when Rory later asked ‘where did that guy go…?’ A bit like a useless supply teacher losing control of the class.

Best bits were probably his impression of film critic Mark Cousins (well, a few of us got it) and his take on people from N Ireland who preface their recollections with ‘it was at the height of the troubles…’

I’m not sure if Rory has a regular stand-up show but wanted to try something different. It’s a shame but there’s potential there if he could only be persuaded to talk about himself.

Review for 14 August

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