Not Disabled… Enough! – Romina Puma

2015NOTDISA_J8There’s no doubt about the contingent of Italian comedians being an absolute revelation at the Free Fringe this year. By yesterday I had already caught the (both brilliant) shows of Giada Garofalo and Luca Cupani. Could the third person in the triumvirate really be a triumph? No worries – Romina Puma absolutely was!

Romina describes herself as ‘work in progress disabled’. She has muscular dystrophy, a progressive condition which means – as she tells us – things she can physically do now she probably won’t be able to do in a years time. So while Romina is recognised as being disabled by some parts of ‘the system’ for others parts she’s ‘not disabled enough’. A prime example being the government’s disability test which she describes in all its farcical detail – ‘sorry, muscular dystrophy isn’t on the system!’

The running theme of ‘not being… enough’ is well done with Romina taking us back to her teenage years and thinking herself ‘not pretty enough’ and then up to more recent times with an unsuccessful attempt at becoming an ‘undateable’ on the Channel 4 series. Yikes!!

The show really flies however when Romina expresses her wishes and desires – yes, usually of a sexual nature. Her tales of attempting to disguise her disability when trying to pull a guy is gloriously funny. And her piece about smear tests and vajazzles is comedy gold (I won’t spoil her punchline – you’ll have to go hear!)

Beautifully liberating stuff from a naturally funny woman. And for all those repressed people who have problems with themes like these being explored or perhaps you have a condition which limits your mobility or your outlook – you should take the opportunity to see Romina’s show – it will change your attitude and may even change your life!

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