The Rachel Revolution – Chapter One

The Rachel Revolution

The French embassy in Abuja.

Mark checked the safety catch on the small handgun tucked into the waistband of his trousers. He would have preferred to be armed with something more substantial but this was a children’s party. Little kids of all colours jumped and hopped and danced in that funny disorientated way that little kids do. Some were dressed in mini versions of traditional Nigerian dress, others were kitted out in suits and evening dresses. Mark had never really had much to do with children – he could take them or leave them but he had to admit they looked cute and funny. Plus he was getting paid pretty handsomely for providing the security at the birthday party of the French Ambassador’s six-year-old daughter which had to count as one of his easier assignments. Still, he couldn’t shake a dark feeling that kept trying to invade his thoughts. He…

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