Marriage Made in Hell Leads to Divorce Shocker!

Marriage liesHappy now? Everyone in the UK outside of Scotland, London, Northern Ireland, Liverpool and Manchester? I say the UK but it’s hardly going to be a united kingdom for much longer now – that’s for sure.

In the last day so many quotes and images have come crashing into my head. I’ve tried to expel the very unpleasant ones: Farage‘s valedictory speech with his mouth spouting offensive crap (‘no bullet fired…’) and his eyes showing a mixture of astonishment that a majority people believed the crap and fear that the mob may just turn when they realise there wasn’t a scrap of truth in any of it. There was also the press conference with the three stooges of Johnson, Gove and Stuart with Clown Master Johnson trying unconvincingly to appear Prime Ministerial while wearing that general Brexit look of stunned ‘oh fuck, what do we do now… ?’ Images from fiction include the final scene in The Planet of the Apes (‘You finally really did it! You maniacs! You blew it up! God damn you! God damn you to hell!) and any film where the main protagonist finds him or herself mistakenly locked up in a lunatic asylum and the only person who can save them has been murdered in the first reel.

Trying to explain the whole sorry mess to non-British chooms is interesting. You can  break it down like this: vast areas of the country are working class and they used to have the Labour party. But the Labour party are now either the metropolitan political elite or the loony left – neither of whom have a clue how to relate to the traditional voter. Just as vast is the area of the country peopled by those who enjoy a more comfortable way of life – traditional Conservative voters who don’t trust the ‘new’ more liberal Conservatives (quite similar to Labour’s elite – see above). You would think these two massive groups would never get it together. But they had two major things in common: fear of immigration and an idea that Britain could be ‘great’ again (like in the 1970s LOL). And lo and behold there came a unifying force called UKIP who joined them together with Nigel Farage presiding as a wild-eyed slavering preacher-man. The union being gleefully announced in the couple’s respective newspapers (or xenophobic small-minded brain-washing bog roll) The Sun and The Daily Mail.

So what’s ahead? For me personally – and as someone who voted to stay with the UK marriage back in September 2014 – I am willing to reconsider the Scottish proposal. Look at it this way: we have lots in common: we both love travelling in Europe, are uber committed to  LGBT rights and we’re living together already anyway. Plus Nicola Sturgeon looks like she could conduct a better ceremony. But before we draw up the contract – can I see the ring first… ?




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