Giacinto Palmieri: Nietzsche, Women and I

The greatest revelation of my 2015 Free Fringe was the Italian comedy powerhouse of Luca Cupani, Giada Garofalo and Romina Puma performing in their individual shows. I didn’t know at the time there was a fourth side completing the structure  – Giacinto Palmieri.

If you’ve been savvy enough to catch any of Luca’s shows you’ll have an idea of what to expect as there are broad similarities. The material is highly personal and jaw-droppingly frank. Giacinto has his own particular style though which is that of a gentle philosophy professor locked up in his own idealistic dreams. You know that concept – highly intelligent but no common sense? I mean – would you really use Friedrich Nietzsche as a role model when it comes to romance?

Giacinto kind of claims he has in the past leading to a particular car crash (at one point almost literally) relationship. Is it really true? Did it really happen? Is it absurdist comedy or a cleverly constructed shaggy dog story?

My belief is that the Italian guys are 100% (well, maybe 99%..) honest. They have no problem baring their souls and then serving up the whole cathartic process for our entertainment.

Giacinto’s show is in the legendary intimate space of the Three Sister’s Staff Room which suits it down to the ground. You should definitely get yourselves along for a fascinating forty-five minutes and maybe pick up a few tips on how NOT to conduct a relationship!

(Review for 5 Aug)


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