Kev’s Komedy Kitchen

I became a firm Kevin Dewsbury fan when I first saw him doing his stand-up a few years ago at the Fringe. There was laughter, tears, songs – it was sheer entertainment! But in the past couple of years I’ve been gutted that Kevin has only made a few fleeting appearances at the Fringe (which I’ve always managed to miss). What joy then that he’s back  – with chums – in Kev’s Komedy Kitchen.

So what is Kev’s Komedy Kitchen?  I hear you ask. Well, it’s a kind of short play or maybe a long sketch inspired by the whole Saturday Morning Kitchen/Sunday Brunch thing. It actually reminds me of the classic Alan Partridge Christmas special with the cookery bits descending into farce.

Kevin is marvelous – as ever – channeling his best everyman loser reminiscent of Tony Hancock as he mutters world-weary insults to his inept guests. And he gets excellent support from Hannah Blakeley as an insufferably precious ‘Miss Posh Knickers’ actress/author guest and Mike Newall as a deadbeat fast-food chef put on in desperation (he even manages to out-deadpan Kevin at this stage).

If I’m allowed one teensy weensy gripe – a major premise of the set-up is that the TV producers will pull the plug if things get too offensive and the laughs come from dodgy comments slipping through. Maybe I still had the Alan Partridge in my head but I would have liked maybe some dodgier/edgier comments in the script – but of course this is difficult as you don’t want to actually offend people – especially in an afternoon slot.

All in all though a rollicking good show with excellent performances from the whole cast. I’m racking my brain for a food pun that Kevin didn’t serve up during this tasty treat (yes, yes, they were used)… maybe good to see Kevin using his acting chops? At any rate it certainly wasn’t half baked!

(Review for 4 Aug)


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