Previously on Maff Brown

It’s very satisfying when you go to a Fringe show and you don’t have to do any of the work. No ‘what’s your name?’ ‘where are you from?’ ‘what’s your opinion on.. ?’ Instead you can just sit back and be entertained. That’s how it is with Maff Brown. Of course there’s the general ‘where’s everyone from?’ at the start and he does enlist the help of a couple of guys in the front row later on in the proceedings. But we’re never in any doubt that Maff is in charge.

Maff is a seasoned professional and one of a growing number of comedians who used to do the paid Pleasance-type gigs but now prefer the Free Fringe. Good move as the Cabaret Voltaire big room was packed out with a very appreciative audience when I went along on a Sunday lunch-time.

There’s a rapid succession of one-liners with a lot of the material veering towards the laddish (he does have a recommendation from GQ). And he warns and worries that things may get a bit dark but honestly there’s nothing majorly offensive unless you get offended by jokes about Rolf Harris and how self-pleasuring becomes a chore when you’re a man in your forties (that seemed to mystify the young lads sitting along from me).

The whole ‘appropriate for the time-slot’ thing is always going to be an issue during the Fringe.But Maff addresses this in true cheeky chappie style noting ‘that’s one for the evening show’ as he rattles through his repertoire. Some of it’s cheesy, some of it’s a bit dodgy but most of it is very very funny.

(Review for 7 Aug)


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