Candy Gigi: If I Had a Rich Man

Sometimes I feel quite mischievous and want to recommend something entirely inappropriate for a Fringe Virgin to go and see. And when I say Fringe Virgin I mean someone who may have seen a Fringe show of the ‘£20 a ticket for a pale male stand-up from off the telly’ variety but has never experienced the ‘true’ Fringe.

Candy Gigi’s If I Had a Rich Man is definitely in the style of the true Fringe – in my book. Performing every day in the 1pm slot in the manky back room of The Hive known as The Bunka which ends up even mankier by the time it gets to 2pm. A raw chicken is splatted on the ground and pieces of cucumber are gobbed into the air (actually the scent of cucumber did improve the usual ambience). Various other props and costumes (including a fat-nude suit complete with saggy breasts and forest pubes) are used and abused. I was going to say – so are some audience members, but I really don’t want to put you off.

What’s the story? Well, Candy plays herself and her mother in their quest to find a nice Jewish boy for Candy to marry. The hapless/lucky audience members play the suitors. The chicken plays the baby. It’s a bit like a human Punch and Judy directed by the Marquis de Sade. It’s cruel, mad, filthy, great fun and extremely funny.

A running joke is that Candy desperately wants an award but all this disgusting carrying-on is going to scupper her dream. There could be something in that – Candy is a mega-talent with a singing voice West End wannabes would scratch her eyes out for. She also exudes the energy of a power station. But can she rein it in and ditch the potty mouth? She might one of these days when she gets discovered by Cameron Mackintosh  but until that happens take the exhilarating opportunity to experience a true diamond in the (very) rough.

(Review for 10 Aug)


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