Adam Hess: Feathers

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Adam Hess. As he’s performing under the Heroes@the Hive banner I was expecting something quite out-there or perhaps expletive-ridden. Instead Adam Hess is a very polite and well spoken young man with a well constructed and professional routine.

I should have known when Adam stepped onto the big room stage at The Hive and made reference to the rank smell (try playing the Bunka next door… ) that he wasn’t an habitue of venues like this. This leads into a bit about how his parents came to his show the other day and didn’t quite ‘get it’. His parents are a touch eccentric and provide good comedy fodder throughout the show. As does a recurring image of a bald pet parrot – hence the title. The main set-pieces however are – hooking up with a girl he knew from university and their (semi) disastrous first date – and – a (completely) disastrous job interview.

There is much nervy paranoia about social situations and overthinking the situation ad absurdum. ‘How do you politely leave a conversation you haven’t been taking part in? and ‘How to cover up a dodgy stain on a sheet without your new date noticing?’ That – along with the embarrassing parents – is a touch Jack Whitehall. But glad to say Adam is totes less annoying.

All in all though – a very engaging and enjoyable 50 minutes (or thereabouts). And apart from the occasional F-bomb and talk of bodily fluids a pretty much family-friendly show.

(Review for 11 Aug)

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